The UnmatchedStyle Book Club

The UnmatchedStyle Book Club is a monthly discussion with some of your favorite authors.

Upcoming Events

There are currently no events scheduled for this group.

Past Events

  • UMS Book Club: Christopher Schmitt

    We'll be talking with Christopher Schmitt about his book "Designing Web and Mobile Graphics: Fundamental concepts for web and interactive projects" and all sorts of other stuff:

    Graphics are key to the user experience of online content, especially now that users are accessing that content on a multitude of devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. This book provides foundational methodology for optimal use of graphics that begins with HTML and CSS, and delves into the worlds of typography, color, transparency, accessibility, imagery, and layout for optimal delivery on all the different devices people use today.

    It serves beginners and intermediate web builders alike with a complete foundation needed to create successful illustrative and navigational imagery for web and mobile.

    Ask a question here (We'll use it in the live show!)

  • Aarron Walter

    We'll be talking with Aarron about his book "Designing for Emotion" and all sorts of other stuff.

    Ask Aarron a Question here (We'll use it in the live show!)

  • Mike Monteiro

    We'll be talking with Mike about his book "Design is a Job" and other things related to running a web design business.

    Ask Mike a Question here (We'll use it in the live show!)

  • Ethan Marcotte

    The inaugural book club event! Ethan Marcotte will be live and ready to discuss his book Responsive Web Design. We'll be giving away prizes so make sure to "check in" before the show to be eligible.